I have never been less inclined to take down the Christmas decorations as I am this year. Usually I’m all for it by 28th – ready for a fresh start and a set of goals I won’t achieve – but this year just… meh. I’d rather smell the pine needles and sit in the semi light of the the tree drinking my morning cup of tea than glance around a bigger than you remember room and think I ought to dust it. Because no-one cleans while the decorations are up which is an extra win.

God this year is weird. Normally I’d be looking forward to New Year’s Eve, even when it was to be just us. We’d be planning a dinner, a board game marathon, mocktails and a movie that I can fall asleep before the end of. This year I feel like I can’t plan another indoors thing. We will of course – our eldest said yesterday we need an itinerary to make New Years Eve more fun so I appear to have had an impact with all my planning. Just unfortunate that this year my inner desire is to just to eat cheese and biscuits and go to bed.

Anyway, I should imagine at some point over the next few days I’ll change my approach. The kids will drag me upwards towards New Year, and the arrival of my annual self help book of delusion will encourage me to think differently and get back to goal setting. But this morning in the beautiful light of the tree that I want to keep up until March I’ll have another cup of tea and maybe some toast.

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