About Me

profileI like to write and this blog is my way of talking everything Sheffield with a smattering of personal chaos thrown in. It’s funny, well I hope it is, but more than anything it’s a great way to connect with people. If you are new to following me, hello!

This blog is a little bit of a window into my life, but it’s also my shop front (see what I did there?) I am a freelance blogger who is very comfortable blogging for kinds of businesses in different styles, so if you need help with content, be it press releases, blog articles or publicity materials, I can help. Or if you have a product or experience you’d like an honest review on (and it will be honest) then get in touch by emailing  beanie@beanhilton.com for more information.

You can also catch up with my blog beanreaders.com where my family and I talk all things children’s books.

All the articles on this blog unless stated otherwise are written by me and cannot be used without my written permission. Thanks.