In tiers

So I’m up and goodness is it dark. I get up early these days so the clocks going back left me trying to sleep and failing. I’m now here with a cuppa trying to make some plans for the week ahead since this is yet another weird half term.

Luckily we hadn’t booked a holiday because we are now stuck in Tier 3 conditions surrounded by counties we can’t visit. Our parents live in a tier 1 area so goodness only knows when I’ll get to see them again in actual 3D.

In some ways it doesn’t change a great deal for us. It’s not like we were socialising regularly in or out of a pub with several other families. We both work from home fairly comfortably now which we are very used to. But we aren’t normally trapped in South Yorkshire without the means for a Derbyshire day out, and I don’t normally have to think about the geographical area I’m allowed to visit when I’m trying to think of ways to entertain the kids.

I can’t sit in my kitchen or even my garden with a friend drinking coffee, nor can I sit outside a cafe with a friend either. I can take a flask to the park and drink it there with them though which seems madness but if that’s allowed we will go for it. My girls can’t see their friends indoors (or in gardens) despite having been with them in close proximity the last 7 weeks.

I can’t visit Chatsworth, Bakewell, Longshaw or Padley Gorge even though they are fifteen minutes up the road. I think some of our walks from our doorstep even enter Derbyshire – I hope no-one will be checking my driving licence as I traipse through bogs on Blackamoor.

I can’t see my friend in Dronfield. I can’t sit round a firepit drinking hot chocolate with friends singing in four part harmony like last Saturday. Instead it’s back to bloody zoom catch ups and a heck of a lot of walks (just not Derbyshire ones).

So here are my Sheffield half term plans:

  1. Go to some independent shops in Sheffield to start my Christmas shopping. I’m thinking Ecclesall road to take photos in the Botanical Gardens followed by a few shops and the luxury of sitting indoors to drink coffee because I’ll only be with my immediate family.
  2. Walk up our local hill then eat Sunday lunch outside a local pub that has a fire pit and an outside bar thank goodness.
  3. Book and visit Weston Park Museum.
  4. Walk with a friend and 2 of her children (we have to meet the rule of 6, don’t panic the other one is going to be looked after) through the woods – visit a cafe for coffees then take them away from the cafe to drink on a bench 100 yards further away
  5. Plan for a zoom Halloween evening with friends on Saturday. I’ve gone 8 months without doing a zoom quiz so now’s the time to start. Goodling Halloween printables next…
  6. Start making some Christmas presents with the kids (ssshhhh).
  7. Rake the leaves. Well actually I’ll get the kids to rake the leaves.
  8. Walk up a different South Yorkshire hill with another friend, a flask and some marshmallows
  9. Avoid Ikea. I really want and even need to go but their social distancing measures include advising you to wear a jumper because you might have to queue outside longer than usual. No thanks.
  10. Erm…go for another walk? Good job we just bought new boots.
A train we can’t go on because it’s going to Derbyshire.

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