Bad and Good

It’s hard not to spend time at the moment feeling stressed anxious or downright annoyed about things and I think it’s important to get it out there so as not to explode. Here is a list of things that currently make me feel less than chirpy. Not in order of importance just as they left my brain.

  1. Literally all day my stomach has been churning because my car’s MOT runs out tomorrow and the only slot they had was today. It will inevitably fail and I have no idea what happens when it does. I can’t drive it home because I wouldn’t be able to drive it back to get it fixed. Agh.

2. My plumber has been out to quote on fixing some radiators and has now disappeared again.

3. My roofer said he would do some work and has also disappeared.

3. Why or why have subscription boxes changed so even if you pick 3 month subscription it’s “rolling until cancelled”. I know damn well I will forget to cancel and they will keep on taking my money despite the fact that I wanted a three friggin month subscription as identified by the fact that I clicked “3 month subscription”.

4. I can’t have a cup of coffee in my kitchen with my friend. I can however have a hairdresser cut my hair in my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I need a haircut but I also need to see my friend without getting hypothermia. The above change is extremely annoying but I’d be able to accept it if EVERY OTHER THING HADN’T CHANGED AT ALL DESPITE US BEING AT “TIER HIGH” OR WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS. I detest this government.

5. And while I’m on this everything about Boris Johnson. Ugh.

There are a few other things but 5 will do.

For balance the following things are very positive:

  1. We finished decorating P’s bedroom and it looks pretty good.

2. I went for a run for the first time in weeks and nearly ran 5k – would have done if I didn’t need to stop and buy tea bags.

3. I’ve found a dairy that will deliver me eggs and milk while Tesco can’t keep up with ridiculous demand. Shame they don’t deliver Marmite but you can’t have everything.

4. Even if my car is broken I am working from home so don’t actually need to go anywhere much.

5. Erm…biscuits?

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