Here we go again

Sometimes it feels difficult to be positive. I mean that is the most blindingly obvious thing I’ve said all year.

2020 really is the gift that keeps on giving. I genuinely cannot believe that the US presidential election is going to be close. In my head humanity wouldn’t let him win again – it isn’t possible. But then I’m constantly disappointed by people every day. Just look at who is governing us in the UK. Deep sigh.

So apart from the racism, anger, selfishness and lack of belief in actual science in the population what else have we got? A pandemic? Sure why not. How about an illness that’s morphing and elusive and a government who are trying desperately not to fall out with each other so leaving things too late and letting more vulnerable people die. Nice.

Thursday we go into lockdown again of course, only it’s not really lockdown. It’s kind of a quarter lockdown because why actually try and take hold of this virus like other countries have? I mean where would be the fun in that? Rather confuse the hell out of everyone for an extended period. Why make it clear for businesses whether they are allowed to open and if so how? Who needs clarity anyway? I can’t imagine what’s it like being a police officer at the moment – let’s hope they have a set of laminated rules they can take out with them and show people in case of confusion.

For us there is little difference to Tier 3 to be honest. But no coffee shops anymore, no gift buying in nice places or occasional trips for a pub lunch. Oh and no visiting anywhere particularly interesting – firmly back at walks in the local area. Work is still at home in a room upstairs. We still can’t see family. This year is just endless. But essentially there’s even more indoors going on than there was before. At least last time we played badminton and dug a pond out. November lockdowns are the best. Well maybe the one we’ll have to have in January will be a little bit worse.

I’ve been up literally googling “family activities with teens” because man we watch a lot of TV together. The mobile phone usage is actually rising if that were even possible. It would be good to have some other things planned. It suggested a movie marathon. I mean dear god this is not a treat. Movie nights are literally now as usual as eating sandwiches. Plus both girls have braces so even popcorn and sweets are out.

Other ideas include:

Cooking a meal together and each making a different course. Apart from the fact that there are four of us (bagsy the amuse bouche) this is unlikely to go well – especially since I’ve crammed the freezer with bread in an attempt to not go in a supermarket this time around so imagination might be out of the window. Toast for starter, beans on toast for main, bread and butter pudding and erm, dunno.

Games night – we have these regularly. We’ll have some more but it’s not exactly exciting unles maybe I can find a game with an added element of peril.

Living room sleepover – camping in the garden clearly out this time as it’s going to hit -1 this week and I’m not mad. So maybe a sleepover in the living room? Apart from the fact that my other half rarely sleeps when on an actual bed and he doesn’t need to be any more sleep deprived. Oh and we have wooden floors. Comfy.

Then there’s a whole bunch of suggestions to make tiktoks/videos/songs together. We are most definitely not the Von Trapps.

Do yoga together? How big is your actual living room? Ok if you live in a mansion I guess. Otherwise you are all doing it in a separate room which seems to defeat the object.

We are left with a chocolate fountain (but I’m avoiding chocolate as it gives me a headache) and making a vision board each. Let’s be honest it’ll be hard to make a positive vision board for the future as things stand at the minute. Here are all the things I’d like to do but can’t. Inspiring.

I’ll have to leave the planning until I’m in a more positive space. For now anyone for an eighties movie marathon?

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