I don’t know about you but this lock down malarkey is playing havoc with the way we eat. Before I’d run out of flour I was baking more than ever. Biscuits, cakes, pitta breads – heck even my other half made bread rolls which is unheard of. If social media is anything to go by it’s a bug that’s hit lots of people. A day doesn’t go by without someone on a Whatsapp group offering to leave sourdough starter on their drive or a new food photo on Instagram. What with that and everyone, myself included, growing vegetables for the first time pretty much ever, it’s like we are all desperate to become Tom and Barbara Good.

The really weird thing is at the same time as all this wholesome home-baked goodness I’ve also thrown myself back in time. Maybe it was the pressure to have things in my freezer just in case, or maybe I just wanted to relive my youth, but suddenly I’m shopping in the frozen section way more than usual. And it definitely isn’t just me because I spent three shopping weeks unable to get hold of the arctic roll I was craving. At this rate I’ll be trying to track down a Findus Crispy pancake, a frozen ham and pineapple french bread pizza and a Vesta Curry.

Then there’s the cost. My food bill has shot up. Partly due to the sheer volume of food four bored people at home all the time can get through, and partly because I have to buy the only versions I can find of things. No 37p chopped tomatoes on the shelf? Well buy the Finest tinned cherry tomatoes instead at £1.80. What with that, and the additional Viennetta, I’m spending a fortune.

I went to Tesco this morning. Buying things I wouldn’t normally buy is bad enough but the real kicker is not buying things you actually need then realising you missed them on the way past. Going the opposite way round the one way system really isn’t the done thing if you want to get out of the shop without being tutted at so I’ll just have to wait another week before I try and remember to buy pop tarts…

Anyway who knows how this will play out. I’ll either be a master baker or devastated that Birds Eye have discontinued Super Mousse.

Birds Eye Supermousse - another 1980s dessert returns | 1980s ...

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