Where to start?

Well I haven’t written anything for over 3 months. I’m not entirely sure why, It might have been because I’d set myself a bit of regimented challenge in 2019 and it irritated me slightly having to write on a schedule. Or it could just be that I’ve been really lazy or maybe that I didn’t have much to say.

Whatever the reason, I can’t really argue I now don’t have time enough to write since it’s week 4 of lockdown in the UK and being busy isn’t really a thing for me at the moment. Apart from daily exercise and a weekly trip to the supermarket I’ve been at home, and since I only work 3 days a week that’s quite a lot of looking at my laptop without being productive. It’s about time I wrote something then I guess, if nothing else than to keep my Mum more entertained.

So Covid 19 eh? We appear to be living in some kind of weird dystopian future where there’s the very real horrible illness killing thousands of people and yet outside my window is like an idyllic paradise.

I spend a lot of my time feeling guilty. Guilty that I’m not helping in any way with this – my family are miles away and my neighbours don’t need support with shopping. Plus no self respecting nurse would want scrubs made by me that’s for sure.

But also guilty because we are having a nice time overall. The sun in shining, the kids get on well, we have a garden and a house where we can all disappear to a different room if we want to.

I get upset in waves. I’m crap at not seeing people in 3D and I have a tendency to think about the awfulness of things. I can get lost on a thought loop worrying about people who don’t have what we have – kids who aren’t safe; families with no money;  people on their own, lonely – see I’m doing it again. Then I get angry because, well, let’s just say I would have hoped a nation like ours would have been better prepared with all the wealth we have.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on that stuff but I had to start somewhere. This blog entry is a bit of a hello I’m back.

I’ve decided to write entries on a number of different themes in the coming weeks otherwise I’ll just be adding to the Covid noise which is  deafening anyway. Anyone else wonder what other news is actually happening in the world? I digress…

Anyway so a bit of 1980s/90s nostalgia perhaps; some lockdown ranty madness maybe; talk of aspirations I expect; and a touch of mental health thrown in for good measure. I tell you what I’m glad I’m not trying to do 52 things I’ve never done before this year otherwise there’d be a lot of entries about making different foods without flour…

So I’m sending love and support out across the internet. Say hi if you’d like to – connection (albeit in unusual ways) seems to be one positive appearing out of this nightmare.

Ok so I’m now going to try and buy dumbbells online so I can use them once then watch them gathering dust in the corner. Have a great day xx

Because it’s a beautiful Springtime (plus it’s a long road and all that)

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