Week Fifty-Two- Sunrise at Higger Tor

So I was determined to finish this thing on a high. We live near the Peak District. Nothing could be more poignant and beautiful than watching the sunrise on the top of a hill, especially on the last day of 2019. The dawning of a new day and a new decade.

One child bounced out of bed at 6.45am. One had to be dragged out. It turns out we had got up ridiculously early since on googling we discovered that sunrise was due to be at 8.23am. We sat in the car for a bit at the foot of Higger Tor hopeful for a stunning sunrise and a heart lifting experience.

We got a bit bored so exited the car somewhat earlier than was strictly necessary and walked up a hill in the dark. A hare bounded past. A grouse made a noise like a jibba jabba and P nearly dropped her torch. It was atmospheric – freezing but atmospheric. We clambered on rocks in the half light. We drank hot coffee and ate Tunnocks Caramel Wafers. We got periodically freaked out by the grouse yelling at us.

At about ten past eight we noticed a few other hardy souls had the same idea as us and were all facing a different direction. We turned our faces to the East and waited. This was to be a beautiful moment.

Literally nothing happened. It was nearly as dark as when we arrived.

“The one day we decide to come and watch the sunrise it doesn’t even bother rising” said P.


So in the spirit of being philosophical sometimes we are hoping for something and it just doesn’t happen. But while we are hoping something else more wonderful happens. In this case it was spending lovely family time together making memories, but the grouse hilarity was also a good start to the day.

I’ve done/seen/made/tried/eaten/experienced 52 new things in 2019. I planned to do lots of things I didn’t do (some of which I regret), achieved some things I had planned all along, and other wonderful things just happened by accident. I’ll review it in full next year, but for now I’m reflecting that I did at least finish something and enjoy a lot of it along the way. Plus I’m about to make spring rolls with the family which is something I’ve never done before and I don’t even have to write about it because 52 is enough for now.

Have a wonderful New Year – life is full of new and exciting things if you choose to give it a go.


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  1. Oh Katie – just typical on the sunrise thing!! I have absolutely loved reading your blog each week and finding out what you’ve been up to. You’ve certainly had a very busy 2019 and you must be exhausted! Here’s to a more relaxed 2020. Lots of love from Ellie x


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