Week Forty-Three Gin Experience at Locksley Distilling Co.

I mean it’s fair to say I’be had more than a few experiences with gin before, but not this kind. I can genuinely think of nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than:

a) Learn about gin

b) Drink gin

c) Make gin to take home

I thought I was in heaven.

This experience is a new one that Locksley Distilling Co. are offering and it would genuinely make a cracking Christmas present. They are the makers of Sir Robin of Locksley gin of course so essentially there isn’t any real need to make any other kind of gin since theirs is probably the best anyway – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun messing about with flavours!

We started with a talk and some gin. Then we had some more gin and a bit of a tour and an explanation of the history of Locksley and their distilling process. Two more gins and I was beginning to feel like I could perhaps become the best gin maker in the entire world.

Then the best bit – a beautiful room filled with shiny copper and 65 botanicals to use to create your own bespoke gin. Oh and another gin. Glorious.

Such a wonderful afternoon – spent laughing with a friend, meeting other gin lovers and learning a lot – including that I’m probably going to leave it up to the professionals to make my gin. I brought my own creation home and haven’t tried it yet – but fingers crossed it’s nice  (I’ve got some Robin of Locksley for backup just in case).

So I urge you to treat yourself and try this out – or to buy the experience as a gift for someone you want to get something special for.

One other thing – leave the car at home. And don’t plan anything for the evening after – you might just need a large sandwich and a nap.



This was a gifted experience.

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