This is a plea for help. If you are out there reading this with a helpful tip you used to get rid of regular headaches I will quite happily pay you in jelly babies.

My head hurts. This is a phrase I say daily. Most mornings I wake up with a headache. Sometimes they appear during the day, and about once a fortnight I get a migraine that stops me doing anything useful for several hours, or even a day.

I went to the GP. Initially she gave me some tablet that when I took it actually made things worse. Not that I’ve ever had one, but it’s what I imagine a bad trip to be. Banging head, dizziness, nausea. Frankly it was worse than the migraine.

I went back. She gave me a tablet that’s used as an antidepressant to take a small dose of daily. Can’t say I fancied daily tablets so they are left unopened which might be daft but how long would I end up taking them for? Forever?

She also sent me for an MRI just in case and the results are: I’m fine. This is fantastic news but doesn’t leave me much further on in terms of fixing the pain in my head.

So currently on the advice of various websites I have given up alcohol (I assure you this is a temporary measure until I can see if it makes a difference), chocolate (it’s like torture), aspartame (apart from when I forget and can’t find the sugar at work), and cheese. Me giving up cheese is epic. It’s like Popeye giving up spinach. Or Boris Johnson giving up lying.

Anyway, it’s been 4 days since I last had cheese, 6 days since I last had chocolate and 10 days since I last had alcohol. I still have daily headaches but I haven’t had a migraine for 8 days. How the hell you work out the correlation I have no idea and how long do I have to do this for before I give up and decide it’s just not making enough difference?

So if you have any ideas I’d be grateful. Some of the headaches are stress related. Some possibly sinus. And some apparently because I’m 44 and that makes headaches more likely.. Well that’s just terrific.

Since I can’t reduce the stress much, or get rapidly younger I’m left with cutting out god damn cheese. Help!

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