Week Forty-Four – As The World Tipped

It was bitterly cold last night and I could barely feel my toes sitting in a field outside Wentworth Woodhouse. I wasn’t really thinking about how cold I was though – I was mesmerised by the dangling aerial performances in front of me (ok, so I was also wondering how they were managing to do all that in freezing temperatures).

This night out was a cracking gifted experience but I have to say it would have been well worth paying for and it was a huge shame there weren’t more people in the audience.

We started by watching the roaming illuminated caribou, then ate pizza (thank goodness Nether Edge Pizza Company were there because we still have no cooker at home) and saw Willy and Wally larking about in crazy outfits talking about plastic. Then it was the Great Fiasco – a daft magic cabaret act that really tickled us all.

A marching/raving band came next and I now I want a massive bass saxophone.


The pinnacle of the evening however was As The World Tipped – an outdoor aerial show by Wired Aerial Theatre – of phenomenal impact. The cast started on what appeared to be a normal stage dramatising political discussions about climate change. As no agreement could be reached chaos began and the stage literally tipped with tables, boxes and papers sliding to the ground. The cast climbed to the top and clung on.

What followed was breathtaking. The performers interacted with stunning images of catastrophe. They ran through deserts, whirled through hurricanes, burnt in fires. They climbed and slid up and down lines on graphs and moving text, They helped each other over ravines and floated in space. I’ve never seen anything like it. My photos are terrible because it was dark and they moved so fast – but they give you a glimpse of this outstanding production.

It ended with the Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot video that if you haven’t seen already please watch.

The whole family were gobsmacked.  They genuinely deserved an audience of thousands. If it comes your way please go and see it – it’s powerful, important and beautiful.

This was a gifted experience.

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