Week Twenty-Five – Cutlery Works

Sometimes just trying a new place to visit is interesting and different enough to warrant a place in my #52things.

So street food (or at least a variety of food served in a warehouse rather than on the street) is the in thing at the moment. Cutlery Works is one of a couple of places in Sheffield that have sprung up over the last couple of years and somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since seeing a picture on a friend’s facebook page. I mean who doesn’t love multi coloured lanterns?


A few things to bear in mind though:

  1. These eateries always seem to come with uncomfortable seating. I can’t decide if it’s trendy or just to encourage you to not sit there too long so they can sell food to someone else. Cutlery Works is no exception – there are stools, or you can sit on the floor if you are feeling particularly flexible. We decided we were too old and went for stools followed by one of a handful of sofas in a bar that was a bit too posh to have me in it.
  2. The food is great – loads of choice, reasonable prices and everyone can have something different if they want. In fact we all went for curry which was tasty.
  3. The alcohol is really expensive. I bought a delicious gin and tonic and it cost me about £8.50. The cheapest bottle of wine was not cheap in the slightest. I find it odd that the concept is so rough and ready (not exactly much spent on furnishings)- but the booze costs so much you’d think you were in posh restaurant.
  4. Cutlery Works is an old warehouse and on a warm night in summer it was sweltering. I’m ginger and don’t do hot. I might try again in November.


So if you are flexible (or at the very least have strong core muscles), financially well off, and wearing a bikini this could be the venue for you…

It was a fab night though – great food, great company. It’s just next time I’ll take a cushion and one of those battery operated hand held fans.

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