Week Twenty-Six – Seen a man jump through a stage (Life of Pi)

I’ve been to a lot of theatre in my time. In recent years this has included quite a few family productions with epic sets and puppets but Life of Pi is a cut above. We’d decided to go quite last minute as a bit of a reward for us all after some epic school stuff and some general anxiety. I’d initially not been all that fussed – read the book, seen the film etc but I’m so glad we chose to go.

Not only is the set and staging breathtaking, the puppets are out of this world. It takes three actors to bring the tiger to life – the zebra, orangutan and hyena all nearly as staggering. The audience genuinely gasped in awe when another set or puppet was introduced. I really felt bad for that goat.

Pi leaping into the water with a splash and popping up the other side of the boat was like the very best magic show I’d ever seen. The stage is a zoo, a huge boat, a hospital and the endless ocean. Pi’s boat rises and turns through the waves and the actors are somehow always in the right place to leap around the bow and stern.

Life of Pi is an epic story. A question about life, love, strength and religion. This production is simply the best thing I’ve seen in years. Which story do you prefer?


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