Week Twenty-Four – Encounter with a Hornet

I’m seriously behind. The unreliability of my brain and associated happiness has made the last few weeks extremely difficult. The idea of going out has been challenging enough without the added pressure of trying to find a new and exciting activity. I’m sure I’ll catch up, and even if I don’t it doesn’t exactly matter since it’s me that set the rules in the first place.

Essentially I’ve been waiting for the life experiences to come to me which I have to say is not the best strategy. I’ve yet to bump into a harp player in my living room for example. The most significant that has happened was yesterday’s drama in the form of a massive hornet flying around our living room. I have never seen a hornet, or in fact a fling insect that was so scary looking. It appeared from around the back of a Bears and Babies card game box and flew menacingly around the room. We don’t mind insects in our house but this one sent the kids running out. It was so heavy it flew slowly as if it was dragging it’s weight like a musclebound bouncer at a nightclub. I counted myself lucky I didn’t have rips or visible tattoos (banned dresscode in Spalding in the 1990s).

We didn’t know what it was. We briefly discussed killing it (which we try not to do to anything bug like) but were genuinely scared about what it might do to us if angered. Paul bravely managed to usher it out of the window so someone else could be frightened by it later on. The kids’ magazine was not to be irrevocably damaged after all.

We looked it up online once the kids had dared re-enter the room. I helpfully told them to think themselves lucky they don’t live somewhere with deadly bugs.

Turns out it was a Queen European hornet, not an Asian one, which are actually less dangerous than a common wasp. That will teach us to not judge large scary flying bugs by appearances.

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