Things that irritate me

  1. “Living my best life”. Jesus this phrase is annoying. You are living the only one you got love and sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s shitty but it’s impossible to be your “best” one. Idiotic.
  2. Pictures of drinks on Instagram. I don’t care that you are “planning your goals while drinking a chai tea” or “snuggling in front of a woodburning stove with slippers on drinking a latte”. Not only is your post annoying you are also a liar because no-one actually uses goal setting stationery even if it is pretty and no-one’s house stays that tidy for long.
  3. My eye sight. No longer am I short sighted. Or even long sighted. I am both. This means I have a perpetual headache and an impeding bill the size of Bournemouth  for varifocals which I will wear along with a mono slipper and a tartan blanket.
  4. Hot weather. Oh whoop it’s stopped raining for five minutes and now we have a heat wave. I’m ginger – it makes me irritable just thinking about it. I’m also in a foul mood this week and wish it was raining to match my emotional state.
  5. Antisocial me. I prefer gregarious happy outgoing me but she’s seemingly buggered off.

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