It felt like a rite of passage last night for my girls.

Both were in their musical theatre show, like they have been for the last 6 years, and both gave it their all just like every other year.

This year something was different. They had both been given short singing solos, along with multiple ensemble songs, street dance opportunities and a mini version of a musical. The difference was they both committed.

The nerves and embarrassment of previous years were banished and I watched two young women giving their all with every street dance move, harmony note and line spoken. Their solos made me cry – of course they did – but I also couldn’t help to astonished. I am ridiculously proud of them but more so because this stuff is really hard work. If you have a child who struggles with anxiety – watching them sing their heart out on their own on a huge stage is mind blowing stuff. Even if they exude confidence the hours of practice is tough.

Every parent, guardian, relative and friend in the audience will have been proud and happy last night. I felt like I’d seen my girls grow up before my eyes.

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