Week Sixteen – Watching The Sharks

Ok so it’s fair to say I don’t like watching sport. But I realised I’ve lived in Sheffield for twenty years and have never seen a Sharks basketball game (or in fact a Steelers ice hockey match) so these both had to be on the list.

We nearly didn’t go last night (to do with ticket website cock ups) but my lovely husband pushed me to commit and we made it. I was sure, at best, it would be interesting. Faster paced than football and maybe a bit livelier, but watching sport, well it’s not my thing.


Hands down my favourite player

I can’t tell you how much fun it was. This will be old news to some of you if you’ve been before, but a really good basketball game is epic. Theatrical, funny, dramatic, exciting and impressive. We even bought a foam hand (I’ve wanted one since watching Gladiators as a kid and the comedy of the whole thing didn’t disappoint).

I had no idea that music plays during the game, or that whichever team has possession a relevant tune plays (Durr duh from Jaws for our team of course), and that tunes are interspersed to match the mood. These included Mission Impossible and the tune from the Great Escape – I know, just genius.

Foam hand – a dream come reality

I didn’t know a game is made up of four ten minute plays, or that they can pause for time out (literally seconds before the end of play if they want to). Let’s face it I didn’t know anything about the rules whatsoever.

If I was going to do a game report I’d say the Sharks weren’t great in the second ten minute section – they were getting hammered to be fair. In the third and fourth quarters though they were just fantastic to watch. They ended up three points behind and narrowly lost – we were gutted for them because they really did stage a comeback that blew my mind. Every player on the court gave it 100% which included scoring baskets that didn’t seem physically possible.

The whole family had a brilliant night. We screamed and laughed and stamped and clapped. It felt so much more liberating that watching British sport usually does – I mean I probably clapped more last night than during last week’s half marathon which is saying something.

A bit when they were winning…

Oh and the added bonus is that small children add an entertainment element in the very short intervals between the plays. These sections involved pink space hoppers, oversized basketball clothing and short people high-fiveing very tall ones. quality entertainment all round.

I could imagine going to watch the Sharks several times a year. They are so impressive and it’s such an exciting thing to be part of.  I went from not caring about basketball at all to caring quite a bit. Saying yes to new things continues to be joyful.

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