Week Seventeen – Virtual Reality Gaming

I think it’s fair to say I’ve never much been into computer games. Apart from Monkey Island, a bit of Mario Kart and many hours using a Playstation dance mat in the    noughties that is. My other half, and the kids of course, are extremely enthusiastic so when Paul brought home a VR headset he’d borrowed we all had to give it a go.img_1039

Key things I noticed about using the headset are as follows:

  1. It’s uncomfortable and not very secure. In one game I had to hit cartoon people with my head and the helmet nearly flew off and took out my husband.
  2. It’s disorientating. I have always found 3D films make my head buzz and this is no different. Overall it made me feel a bit sick.
  3. It’s spatially dangerous (I refer you to point 1 where my helmet nearly flew off – I also knocked T’s glasses off her face.)
  4. It’s isolating – the thing I hated most was (are you getting the general feeling I didn’t enjoy it?) how vulnerable it made me feel. I could just about imagine playing a game in this way on your own or in a virtual world where others are playing with you online, but wearing it in a room full of people not wearing headsets is unnerving. People could literally be doing anything and you wouldn’t know. At the very least I know the kids found my behaviour truly hilarious and laughed at me a lot.

No – not for me I’m afraid. I’ll go back to occasionally making it round the track on MarioKart. Less chance of injury.

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