Week Ten – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Continuing with the theme of doing things with the people I love I bought tickets as a gift for my lovely Aunt and her friend to go to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at City Hall. I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to go with her and encouraged the whole family to come too.

I must admit I was a little hesitant as I’ve never been to a classical concert before and v was worried it would be extremely long and the kids might find it a bit difficult to engage with, even though they play instruments themselves. I went to the opera once and walked out at the interval and I’m an actual adult.

I didn’t need to worry. My lovely Aunt is a retired music teacher and all round lovely person so not only had she made booklets for us all so we could follow what the music was inspired by (with pictures) and included a little competition, the prize for which was chocolate. It’s like she knows how to teach about music (and entertain kids) or something.

The orchestra itself was incredible, with an epic female conductor in Anu Tali, and a jaw dropping soloist, Jennifer Pike – all the more apt because the concert fell on International Women’s Day.

There were three elements to the programme (I’m learning the language): Finlandia (Sibelius), Violin Concerto No. 3 (Mozart) and Enigma Variations (Elgar). We particularly enjoyed the Enigmas variations as we were listening out for the dog falling into the pond.

During the concert I was baffled by how the audience knew when not to clap (to which the conductor did a thumbs up to show her approval). It’s definitely a club I hadn’t been a member of before.

I now this might seem obvious but doing things outside of my comfort zone seems to be a very good thing. It’s stretching my appreciation of the world, exposing me (and my friends and family) to new experiences and giving me opportunities to celebrate the passions and enthusiasms of people I love. The Royal Philarmonic was a joy and I hope inspirational for my kids, although I think a musical future is a little too late for me.

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