Week Nine – Being In An Advert

Ok so I’m cheating as the actual recording of this happened at the end of last year, but this was the week I noticed a photo of me, my youngest and another child who is nothing to do with me whatsover, was appearing on Facebook to advertise Classical Sheffield and therefore also the week where I felt well and truly reminded of the filming experience so I’ve decided it counts.

P goes to Razzamataz Sheffield and was asked whether she’d like to be in an advert along with another girl from her class. The recording was taking place at Hallam University and the premise was that the two girls would be sauntering along on their own when a classical duo appear in a puff of smoke. The brief was exactly that – brief. They needed to look amazed (which you would do if a cellist and a violinist appeared out of nowhere) and fortunately P felt this was pretty achievable.

It wasn’t long before the lovely lady orchestrating the shoot (see what I did there) realised it looked a bit odd for two ten year olds to be wandering about the university by themselves and asked me to be in the advert too. I protested (pretending I didn’t want to be in it) then agreed in a “well if I have to” sort of way.

We spent the next half an hour watching the musicians and practising a range of facial expressions from awe and surprise to contentment and appreciation which stretched my range somewhat. We were filmed from behind walking into the building a few times, and then lots of photos were taken of us watching – from in front, behind, leaning over railings and so on. We all felt awkward and a bit stupid. Well I definitely did. I don’t think I have a future in modelling.

A few weeks later we were invited to the launch night for Classical Sheffield at which we raided the buffet (and in my case drank free bucks fizz) and watched more live musicians with our mouths open, waiting with baited breath to see our moment of glory in the much anticipated advert. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but my daughter and I are in the advert for approximately 4 seconds, which I hope isn’t due to me being involved. There was an air of disappointment in the household when we accepted the fact that P and I were not going to be famous anytime soon, but then I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

I’d just got used to the film being shown on social media channels (especially since if you blinked at the right moment you’d have missed us altogether) and then one day up popped a photograph for me and the two girls leaned over a railing watching musicians. I look decidedly daft – any hope I had of making it to the big time has been well and truly quashed.

I tell you what though, this doing things you’ve never done before is quite an experience.53229546_2339765816301679_6847925260088508416_n

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