Week Eleven – Escape Room

Again this one is a bit dodgy as in fact I didn’t go into the escape room. This was for a very good reason.

The event was my daughter’s birthday celebration and the room holds a maximum of 7 people. 6 kids were involved which left one space for an adult, and I know my daughter well enough that the idea of not making out of the room would have ruined the whole adventure. Certainly not getting out of the room would inevitably, had I been the adult, be my responsibility and I was not incurring the upset of a nearly 13 year old.

Hence I sent my husband in to be to blame if things went wrong and thought I’d be sat in Costa with a latte and a notebook. As it happened I got to watch the whole escape room action via a series of cameras with the man running the room. I watched as they tried to solve codes backwards for some reason, and when one of them was inexplicably wondering about with a table lamp. I saw my husband trying not to tell them the answers while at the same time gently nudging them in the right direction (clearly sending him in was the right choice). I saw the excitement as they solved different bits of the puzzle, finding lock combinations, getting through secret doors and mostly managing to work together without anyone being shouted at. I also heard the screams.

The room manager, for want of a better description, could type little bits of advice to show on the screen in the escape room. He of course knew what they had to do and it was quite entertaining being the ones who were frustrated for them as they very nearly got to the answers.

They got out, and in the quickest time of any big teams lately, so the kids were chuffed to bits.

I can highly recommend Crack The Code as an escape room experience. It’s new, clean, fun and imaginative. I want a go.

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