Doctor Who (includes spoilers)

Well that was pretty much a complete and utter joy. I’d given up on my occasional viewing of Doctor Who some time ago – I was a bit bored if I’m honest. As a child I watched it but even then it didn’t really hold my interest. While my brother hid behind the sofa I was oblivious to how scary it was. I rather liked Peter Davidson I suppose plus I watched The Five Doctors too many times to mention, but usually because my brother was watching it and I couldn’t think of anything else to do. I wasn’t really interested until Christopher Eccleston popped up because he’s on my absolutely favourite actors ever list but even then I wasn’t that engrossed. This time though, things could be different so I’m committing to wherever this series will take me.

For the first time ever the whole family sat down to watch last night as Jodie Whittaker made her proper entrance as The Doctor. What’s not to like? Set in Sheffield, we shouted out landmarks at the TV while we chomped popcorn and leftover sweets from the cinema the day before. Jodie was funny and most definitely Yorkshire, which made us all smile. (As an aside if you haven’t seen her in anything other than Broadchurch I would highly recommend ‘Adult Life Skills’.)

I digress – so half way through the episode my eldest is chewing on some fudge. On the TV the scary blue dude has just uncovered his face to reveal a slimy complexion full of embedded teeth. He bends down to pull a tooth from his latest victim as a trophy. At that very moment (and I mean exactly) my daughter screams and spits out a tooth that’s been dangerously wobbling on the edge for over three weeks. Now that was weird right? It was like she was voluntarily offering herself up as Tim Shaw’s newest victim.

Once the excitement was over Jodie carried on being brilliant, Tim Shaw didn’t have the best of endings and my daughter finished her pick and mix.

I wonder what next week’s episode will hold? If either of my kids disappear off for a bit to do some time travelling I’d say the clues were there.

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