The pain of running

Well the running is continuing if not quite as successfully as I’d have liked. I had hopes of running 10k by now – zipping through the countryside, up hills and down dale, stopping at a particularly picturesque viewpoint and gazing out at the valley with one foot up on a rock.

In actuality I’m still running to the end of the park and back, which isn’t even 5k. I run for exactly 30 minutes before giving in and walking the last bit home but at least I’m trying I guess. Every year I try to stave off my seemingly inevitable Autumn anxiety by making some changes. At least this year I am already exercising, rather trying to make changes to my life when my brain tells me to curl up on the sofa and watch Antiques Roadshow in a mild grump.

Anyway, after my run I usually feel mildly pleased with myself and very out of breath, plus I remain bright red for a full three hours afterwards. Obviously I am getting fitter by the minute.

Today’s run followed the same pattern as usual. I smiled at a few fellow runners, got irritated when I had to jog on the spot at traffic lights looking like a nutter, and kicked through the leaves and rubbish that the council have failed to tidy up. I reached 30 minutes and ground to a halt. I couldn’t possibly run to 31 minutes, I mean what would be the good in that?

I walked round the corner where there is a metal fence by the side of the road. Directly in front of me was a man with two dogs blocking the bath. The dogs were pooing simultaneously, which I was going to remark upon but thought better of it. The fence meant I couldn’t easily go round. The man looked at me and I gestured to say I was staying put. It wasn’t the nicest view but I wasn’t in a hurry. He looked remorseful and moved to one side so I could get past, leaving me feeling like I had to respond positively.,

I walked past, through the council’s not collected litter and rubbish, planting my left foot firmly into the first dog’s steaming pile of poo. Oh joy. I walked home, fuming slightly, then sacrificed a pencil and my beloved reindeer shaped washing up brush in cleaning my shoe, which helpfully has tiny stars in the tread. Lovely.

Today is shaping up to be a corker. Running is a positive thing, honestly it is.

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