Bugs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We share our home with bugs. Not just the regular spiders (which I don’t mind) or the bugs that I don’t like to think about and are everywhere, but stick insects, millipedes and occasionally ants and woodlice depending on my daughter’s mood. It was an obvious gift then to buy her a ‘Mini Minibeast Experience’ at Yorkshire Wildlife Park for her 10th birthday.

Having arranged the date in advance, we visited the zoo yesterday. I spent the previous day singing the Tom Paxton classic “Daddy’s Taking Us To The Zoo Tomorrow” while the children looked at me incredulously and commented that Daddy can’t drive so it wasn’t appropriate. I had fun though.

The zoo is flipping wonderful – I’ve reviewed it before (and probably will again) but sufficed to say I can’t go back enough times. On this occasion we spent ages watching the polar and brown bears – fascinating and so much fun, plus great for my daughter who was practising with her camera.

The main reason for our visit of course, was bugs. P and I arrived at the new discovery classrooms and got to go behind the scenes where all the bugs and reptiles live. We handled the less scary ones including cockroaches, stick insects and a beautiful African millipede, and looked from a safe distance at the ones that are too spikey, or can actually kill you ( I know, eek). Dan really knew his stuff – even P learnt plenty of facts she didn’t know before. I learnt that I’m quite happy with millipedes thanks. The others can stay at the zoo.

On the way out P spotted a box full of shedded skin. I can’t believe how intact the tarantula skin was – I can’t even take off my socks that neatly.

Ok, Ok, this won’t be for everyone, but for P you can keep your giraffe feeding – it’s all about the bugs. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a zoo with conservation and education at it’s heart, and a cracking sense of humour (follow them on Twitter to find out). What a fantastic day.

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