Cirque Du Soleil’s Ovo

I had the pleasure of watching Cirque Du Soleil’s Varekai last year at Sheffield Arena, and this year I was lucky enough to get to go again, this time to their new show, Ovo, in Nottingham.

My friend and I spent some time being very puzzled by the merchandise stall before the show began – specifically we were baffled by a cuddly toy of a woman wearing what looked like an orange inflatable swim ring and a bobbly rubber hat. You could also buy a cushion shaped like a slice of kiwi. Of course off piste is what I’m learning to expect from Cirque Du Soleil.

It was all about to make perfect sense though, when the show began and a troupe of insects spun slices of kiwi around with their feet. A lady came out who I can only assume was meant an unusual type of ladybird – the cuddly rubber ring toy came into focus. Ah this was what I was expecting – the crazy, colourful, mindblowing world of Cirque Du Soleil.

The show was full of acrobatics – silks, trapeze, trampolining, contortion, comedy, opera singing and even diablo. I didn’t think I’d ever be really staggered by diablo throwing but clearly I was wrong.


There were glorious costumes and sets. There was this man who wheeled a unicycle with his hands while upside down along a tightrope. There were most definitely points where I covered my mouth, and others where I covered my eyes.

I probably ought to mention the plot. So the show was called Ovo and early doors a fly brought an egg in, which he seemed to be in love with. The egg appeared a couple of other times later on. I was clueless as to why.  Not that it mattered really – I was too busy reeling from the trampolining bugs and the spider contortionist to care very much. Just if your kids ask what Ovo is about, I’m afraid I don’t really know. Just tell them to sit back and marvel.


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