Weekend Joy

So the weekend was a good one. Wizard of Oz at the Crucible was everything it should be – colourful, happy and funny with stunning singing, dancing, acting, costumes and set. The girls adored it.

We followed it with dinner sitting in a bird cage at The Botanist. P’s chicken came in a  trowel and her ice cream in a sandcastle bucket. Everyone else got a plate though so that was fine. We went home full of food, joy and exhaustion.

Things then crashed a bit the following afternoon. I was cold, tired and a little sad. We spent the afternoon watching TV (The Spy Next Door was the film we needed, because when isn’t the right time for Jackie Chan?) and my lovely husband made tea and tidied up while I just sat with the kids.

At night my youngest daughter cried a fair bit, about missing her grandparents and missing our rabbit, and about not wanting to go to school. I sat in her bed with our two girls while we all read books and P rested on my shoulder. Hibernating felt like a reasonable plan to be honest.

I want to feel better. I want to be happy and positive and well. It will come I guess. For now hugs come first.

What about today? How to use my day off to pull myself upwards? I’m waiting in for a delivery then I intend to stand in a post office queue for about an hour. Part of the sky is blue so good things are possible.


Edited to add there was no queue at the post office. Small miracles help.

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