A Break

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a weekend away from my little family. I’ll admit I’m not where I wanted to be before going on one – I’m not fit, healthy and positive. I am run down and achey and the cough lingers on. I’m a little sad and a lot tired.

That, of course, is why this is the perfect time to go away. It’s January and it sucks. I need a reboot.

I’ve dug out my Kindle (difficult to carry books on the train), charged my laptop (with the intention of doing some editing) and packed my beautiful new sequinned notebook and pen set, lovingly sewed for me by my eldest daughter. I’ve crammed my walking boots, warm clothes, and waterproof trousers into my case. I’ve read the Airbnb instructions and located the on switch for the fairy lights. In other words I’m all set.

This is going to be the break I need with a very old, very loved friend (by which I mean I’ve known her forever). There will be books, wine, cheese, walking, browsing, coffee and cake. It will probably rain and will definitely be cold. The train journey will give me time to think, rest and do crosswords, badly. I will miss my family – well two nights is a long time – and then I will be home for cuddles and more music practice.

This will be the first of many such January holidays with my lovely friend – I can hardly wait. Now, is two new books enough?

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