Lovely Things

Half term can be hard. It’s routinely peppered with bickering and more than one ill family member. It’s as if your body holds out until the holidays, lets down it’s guard and succumbs to snotmageddon.

Our week felt like it was a fairly quiet affair, not least because of the issues stated above, but in spite of the six hourly requirement for calpol we packed in loveliness. Sleepovers, swimming, playdates, trick or treating with exceptionally well mannered kids and friendly funny generous neighbours. A very magical trip to the British library, a short stay with loved ones, a fair amount of time in front of the TV rediscovering all favourite films and playing and lots and lots of Lego Dimensions. We are home from our brilliant local firework display with no-one having received an ash related injury or got lost. We are watching the rain fall down heavily outside along with Blue Planet 2 on the TV, which has to be the best homework to be set, ever.

The bickering continues, as does the snot. But this was a good week.IMG_2072

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