The length of my stupid hair
Forgetting to put sugar in my tea
Wet socks strewn on radiators
Living too far from the sea

The death of a teenage idol
The wind blowing rubbish about
My lack of any enthusiasm
My overwhelming self doubt

Healthy food not tasting like chocolate
Cobwebs and unmade beds
Unwashed clothes and inertia
A niggling pain in my head

Facebook and Twitter wasting my time
Making me feel like I’m misaligned
Petty school rules, Cleaning the loos
All of the god damn awful news

That clock ticking
That silence behind
It’s not all about you girl
You need to be kind

Family worries
The felling of trees
Just finish something will you
The plight of the bees

Failing to remember things
Trying to forget
The whole month of November
A sadly missed pet

Familiar clench in my stomach
Feeling sad and alone
Wanting to be with others
Wanting to be on my own

But I’ve finished the tea without sugar
I’ve picked up the clothes from the floor
I’ve taken a deep breath and put on my shoes
Making it out of the door.

Today I push down the feelings
Cake and a walk lift my day
Tomorrow who knows how I will feel
But today will be ok.




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