Five things I hate about this diet

  1. Lack of bread – I need bread. Granary bread makes me feel happy and nourished, especially with my newfound love of marmite (I know right, weird right?)
  2. The suggestion that you should cook food for sweetener in it – I didn’t often put sugar in dinner before (apart from sweet and sour sauce) so why do I need to keep adding sweetener. It’s odd and I refuse to make any recipe that suggested it.
  3. Substitution of yoghurt for anything that’s supposed to be a white sauce – it doesn’t work, congeals and I refuse to do this as well.
  4. Overnight oats – good lord this morning’s go-to diet breakfast was grim – hence the need for granary toast.
  5. Baked beans, of which I am allowed to eat many. I used to love baked beans.

There are more than five but that’s my rant for this morning. If I lose any significant weight it will be a miracle because let’s face it, I don’t like most of the rules…

Edited: to add I do not accept you can make any kind of successful pasty by using a Weightwatchers wrap as the pastry. It’s plain wrong. I am also completely and utterly bored of passata which appears to be in absolutely everything. May make up own diet instead.

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