Journaling – Day 10

1.Tilly’s enthusiasm for life – never fails to impress me.
2. A husband who helps.
3. Mookau. I just did lots more Christmas shopping.

This morning was Till’y Christmas performance. I really enjoyed it despite the random nature of the actors changing between scenes. Who knew Scrooge had so many sides to his character – some of them female. With both our girls you can always hear them singing as loud (and roughly in tune) as they can. Tilly had extra responsibilities like introducing the play and moving props at the end and took them very seriously as usual. She had been concerned about the rest of the cast’s projection but she didn’t need to worry. It was fab. Surely this must nearly be the end of the pre Christmas shows now? And the raffles?

I’m writing this now because in a while I have to do the trek to swimming and by the time I get back form the stifliing pool there’s a chance I won’t remember how happy I was this morning…

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