Journaling – Day 9

Things I am grateful for:
1. Mushrooms
2. Christmas lights on houses
3. Not getting a parking ticket

It’s been a trying day. Not least because I’m now trying to get things done before Christmas, have no time to do anything and am trying far too hard. Tilly told me off for wanting to clean the oven. She said she won’t bother when she’s a grown up. I said I have the same idea which is why the once I year I actually do it it’s a task of epic proportions.

The good thing today was my second week of pilates. It’s such a tiny group – really friendly and welcoming. It doesn’t feel much like exercise but it’s relaxing and a good thing for my back. Plus it got me out of the house after 2 hours of bickering. Who knew Christmas card making could be such an angry thing. I came back after an hour much calmer and ready to tackle some stuff so it was a wise move. although I feel guilty that I haven’t done any more exercise since last week.

Wow it’s been one of those days. Focus on the positives love.

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