Journaling – Day 11

Some days if I write more than the grateful for and the good bit I trickle into talking about negative things. Because days at the minute can be pretty trying. So today I’m going purist for the positive and hoping to forget the rest of it.

Grateful for:
1. Comedy. It’s the Comedy awards on Radio 2 today. It made me laugh on the way home, especially “Lost Voice Guy” (who is coming to Spalding in May I see.) Laughing outloud to the radio is joyful because it took me by surprise.
2. Good children’s TV programmes. Because it feels slightly less useless when they watch Mr Stink instead of something where people pour slime over their heads. Although the kids do love the slime.
3. No-one being hit on the head by the light that fell from the ceiling this evening at singing.

Tilly’s swimming now has the added benefit of having my friend’s son in the same class. So we caught up and chatted which was fab. Then in the evening it was our last singing session with mulled wine, cake and more talking. The only problem is my throat now hurts quite a lot.

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