Journaling – Day 8

Things I am grateful for:
1. Chloe and Ian.
2. Our rabbit putting herself back in the hutch so we didn’t have to chase her round the garden in the cold.
3. That I’ve finished writing Christmas cards. Well nearly.

I am feeling under pressure today. I knew it would start soon – the impending Christmas fear – and this is when I get a bit stupid and try to make everything ‘perfect’ before inevitably failing. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle it. I find it very difficult to limit myself to the things I have to do and want to do. I’m not thinking about it tonight it’s a bit too much of a mental and emotional challenge.

The positive today though was going to see Chloe and Ian in Leeds for sausage sandwiches and chatting. It’s been far too long since we’ve been. I feel like about most of our friends this year which is more than a bit crap. Of course it was as if we saw them five minutes ago.  Apart from the fact that Ian has grown a lustrous beard since the last time we saw him. The kids loved looking at the alternative Christmas decorations and watching one of the cat’s performing daring feats. I just loved seeing oldest bestest friends. That is what this time of year is all about after all.

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