So this is a big week for me. I had so much planned for before it arrived and have achieved none of it. The book isn’t finished, I’m still overweight, and the house is a tip. I suppose at least the rabbits aren’t dead which is some comfort. My output the last six weeks has been disappointing but then I’ve always been terrible for setting myself unachievable goals. My resolution for 2014 should be to not do that….ah.

But I digress.

Tomorrow I go to a job, in an office, for the first time in seven and a half years. I woke up this morning and sobbed. Not because I don’t want to go. I do. And not because I don’t think I can do it. I can.

But because it signifies reaching a whopping milestone because I start a new job tomorrow. Since we are using the analogy, this milestone is as you might expect one which makes me look back (it was chuffing hundreds of miles ago when I last had an email account that wasn’t full of groupon offers) and forwards (it stretches about thirty years long and I can’t see the easy chair at the other end of it which is frankly a worry).

I’m changing jobs. Not from one firm to another, or one role to another. It’s not as straightforward as that.

My proud job title has been ‘Stay at Home Mum’ and it has been the best, toughest, at times literally crappy, gigglingly joyful, painfully exhausting and downright rewarding job in the world. For me anyway. It was my choice and it was the right one. But there’s been a reshuffle in the office and my two team members appear to be at school all day which has shaken things up a bit. Not least in my brain.

So now I will do something different and reawaken my office working life between the hours of ten and two each day. The rest of the time I will still do everything I did before. So it’s not actually a change of jobs. I’ll still be doing all the painful, messy, hilarious stuff before and after work and school.

Oh I see now. I have essentially invented the 28 hour day.

So cross your fingers for me. That I can do both things well and that we are all happy. Because, well that’s the point.

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