I’ve just found a birthday cake recipe that I thought I’d try from a blog and it’s got me thinking.

The lady who writes it has done loads to try and simplify her life – from decluttering to changes in how she does certain tasks. It’s interesting. I have always been a person who has stuff and likes stuff, but conversely it drives me a bit mad. And I could do with a more simple approach when I start work in less than two weeks (eek).

So could I simplify things? It’s possible and the results might be helpful. Things could take less time and potentially cost less money.

Obviously I can’t simplify the children (their activities, social lives and family time comes first) or the pets (we’ve committed there so no going back now: members of the family and all that). But maybe decluttering and putting some routines and systems in place could make a big difference in tidying up, cleaning, laundry, admin and meals. It sounds like a lot of up front work though.

Essentiallyit all needs a) time to do it and b) inclination (when I’d rather be watching Touch and The Mentalist). I’ll think about it some more and start by reading more blogs. Because funnily enough I can find time for the internet. Maybe I’ll absorb other people’s processes by some kind of world wide web osmosis.

Edited to add: I’ve just decluttered the kitchen cupboards. Well my sort of decluttering that involves keeping three duplicate pots of baking soda because otherwise that would be wasteful. I’m not very good at getting rid of things evidently…

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