The beginning of something

For reasons of privacy I don’t really want to put on here where I work or really what they do. If you know me then you’ll know already. Sufficed to say I started my new job today and it was good. I am knackered but hopeful.

It’s been an odd sort of day. It’s been a while since I’ve done an induction and this one was certainly eclectic. I can’t really say much more. Apart from that I now know a bit more about Annie Lennox and I work somewhere that has a balm making room. I spent most of the day thinking Chloe would love it. Which means it must be good.

My overwhelming feeling so far is joy that a place like where I work exists. It seems incredible, valuable and fascinating. Not a bad start.

So now I just need to get on with this working lark and start the new bit of my life. I am flipping shattered already though.

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