Eight Go to Palma – More

Day three and we went on the train to Soller through mountains and orange and lemon groves. Beautiful. Of course that was after we lost four of our party for ten minutes but we were getting used to it by then.

Getting there was lovely, as was lunch by the harbour and the ice cream. I did wish I could do it all again with the kids but I didn’t feel guilty – it was just fab.

The journey back was less fun because the train was packed. A lady in front of me and Nic didn’t take too kindly to us having the window open and we didn’t want to fight a Spanish pensioner so we just sweltered a bit instead.

That night we had more larks in the room before setting off and our intention of an early night looked unlikely. Abby had her heart set on a particular restaurant so we wondered about trying to find it for a while in streets where men tried repeatedly to sell us dancing toy donkeys. We walked around in circles so many times they were actually taking bets between themselves as to whether we would be back again in a minute. Money exchanged hands when we did.

Nicky was brilliant. She knows Palma well and tried her level best to summon the restaurant Abby had in mind despite limited description. “It has palma ham hanging in the window and barrels”. After Nicky produced her second wrong restaurant with palma ham and barrels it seemed unlikely we would ever find it. Then we did, hooray! But it was full and we couldn’t get a table.

Man was I hungry by this point. We entered another restaurant and were given free drinks while we waited. I had a funny turn. Christ I’m middle aged.

Fortunately I then got to eat my body weight in olives and bread. And oddly lamb and chips. Nice though, even if it was the middle of the night …

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