Eight go to Palma – the next bit

Day two arrived and we spent the morning by the pool. Most were attempting to go brown, I was attempting to avoid clashing with my hair colour. Some hotel guests seemed to be burning on the top of sun burn which made me want to shout at them or at the very least throw them in the swimming pool but I restrained myself.

It was then that I realised why I’m a bit different to other holiday makers. Well in addition to the ginger thing.

I need to eat. A lot. And often. I recognise other people don’t have to, or don’t want to, but my family spend a lot of time steering me towards food if I start to get grumpy. I found a soulmate in Jo who agreed first that lunch was definitely in order and the result was the loveliest meal of the weekend I think – paella by the harbour in the sunshine. Beer, laughs and seafood – perfect.

Not long after this my room mate Jane appeared (she’d had a terrible migraine) and we all headed into Palma for a mooch. It’s a beautiful place.

In the evening Valda did a Mr and Mrs quiz for Abby which was great fun. Frankly we were very reserved about the whole thing. My nun’s constume hadn’t fitted in the hand luggage.

That night we went to a jazz restaurant. It was late by the time we ate (I got rather drunk instead of angry thankfully). We did a lot of laughing. There was dancing from Jo, some hide and seek and general larking about. Back at the hotel Valda did a Snow White impression and some tonic exploded. It was one of those nights. Valda and Nicky decided to run up the stairs to the theme tune from Rocky, and then Nicky did a headstand. Unfortunately my thighs wouldn’t allow me to participate (that was the only reason, honest) but I did climb under a coffee table. My mother would be so proud.

Just to remind you all we are responsible adults.

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