Eight Went to Palma – and back

And then it happened. It was time to go home. We all made it to the airport in time and onto the plane. which was ironic because several of us wouldn’t have actually minded staying there a bit longer – it’s more appealing than Manchester airport.

On the plane the theme of me and food continued as the flight attendant apologised profusely for the fact that most of the food had been eaten on the outbound flight. Genius. That’ll be another chocolate muffin then.

Emma drove us back to Sheffield then Valda took me home where I was met by my beautiful girls leaping up and down. They had drawn a chalk sign on the pavement and I then had a cup of tea while I watched their swing show in the garden. It was nice to feel missed and so lovely to see them and Paul or course.

Ok so it had an unorthodox start, but other than that this was such a fantastic weekend away. I have made lovely new friends and Abby had a great girly send off. And I am still hide and seek champion so it’s a win all round.

Thanks girls.

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