Brain training

One of the things I am acutely aware of at the moment is that I don’t use my brain enough. With this in mind I have finally accepted middle age and started listening to Radio Four in the hopes that I absorb information while I’m making bolognese.

It was working quite well. I heard a book review of something I found interesting and instantly forgot what it was called. And I learnt a bit about bionic arms yesterday. I can’t remember any of it obviously but it’s a development.

I don’t yet listen to the Archers. But I don’t think that farming knowledge is particularly relevant in my current line of unemployment.

So I did my usual thing this morning or returning home from school and turning the radio on while I tidy up the breakfast thing. Melvyn Bragg was discussing the philosophy of epicureanism. Is this some kind of a joke? All I wanted was some gentle mental stretching not a full on brain gymnastics.

I turned it off and listened to Sean Keaveny. Thank God for Richard Hawley.

Surely there is a happy medium? I’m adding developing current affairs/cool alternative non commercial music radio programme to my to do list.

For now I’ll try again later. I can cope with Woman’s Hour but I’m turning it off if anyone mentions Latin. And I’m typing while listening to Athlete. That will do nicely.


  1. Excellent! Another Woman's Hour-listening man 🙂 Be warned though, about 30 years ago my Dad took their advice (he used to listen in the car in his lunch hour, when it was on at that time) and got a tetanus jab. Had to take a week off work with a massively swollen and blistered arm. His colleagues saw it as poetic justice…


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