Best Night in Ages

Now this requires two posts. One which details the nuts and bolts of my often slightly comical exploits, and this one. Which is soppy.

Maybe it’s just us, but when we had children things changed. It became harder to for me mentally and physically to go and see friends and family. Worse than that there were some friendships which by sheer number of the miles between us got hit harder than others.

If you are on Facebook you will see the twee words of motivation that whizz past on a regular basis. Those which state what true friendship is all about. Whatever. All I know is sometimes there are gaps that don’t make the slightest difference in the long run. You pick up where you stupidly left off.

I walked into Gibson’s Rock Bar in York on Saturday night and finally saw a couple I hadn’t seen in five years. Now I have a reputation for being soppy so it won’t come as a surprise that it affected me. Fortunately we were drinking mojitos not gin so I didn’t burst into tears.

We met about 15 years ago when they lived in a flat above me with no heating and very dubious electrics. They had a house rabbit, a camper van and time for me, who was living alone and working as a manager in a supermarket (it was a tricky time…).

So on Saturday they came from Colchester to York with Navacross, who went on to play a brilliant set (of which more later). I spent the evening drinking, talking, dancing and hugging them a bit too much, along with my other lovely friends who met me there. The only negative was the absence of Paul who had volunteered to babysit so I could stay away for the night. He was definitely the missing piece.

If I had a mojito to hand (not wise at 12 noon on a Monday) I would raise it then to old friends, and to finally getting a handle on life balance. In particular to you two. I love you to pieces.

There. Emotional post for the week. Done.

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