Home Work – Week 3

Spring Cleaning

Every year we have to have a ‘spring clean’. Every year I try to hide in my room so I don’t have to help. Every year Mum says my room is a pigsty and can I please tidy it up and have a clear out.
This year I can sort of see what she means. It is getting a bit tricky to find things. I spent half an hour yesterday looking for a dice so we could play snakes and ladders. And I still can’t find a bookmark so I’ve been using a sock.
I’d better get on with it I suppose. The thing is, well, I like things. My bookshelves are covered with things. There’s that dinosaur I painted when I was three – I must keep that. Oh and a rock I found on the beach at Filey. I have fourteen books about science on the shelf next to a bit of rope and a small plastic penguin. I don’t remember where the penguin came from.  Sixteen postcards from Grandma from places around the world and…no I’m getting side tracked. Snotty tissues. They can go in the bin. That’s much better.
But to clean and tidy properly I think the best thing would be to start at the bottom so I’ll take everything off the shelves. And probably it makes sense to empty the toys out of the cupboard too. And the toy box. Then I’ll know where I am.
Okay so now I can’t see the floor but at least I know what I’ve got. Ooooh there’s the dice. Now where did I put the game? There’s a small stick – that’ll be a better bookmark. Brilliant.
Maybe this tidying up wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 
I’m hungry now though. I’ll finish it later.

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