There again?

I honestly never thought I would see the day when we went to exactly the same place for our summer holidays. Not just the same part of the country, not just the same town but the same house. But we are, and I’ve booked it.

A part of me is screaming “doing the same thing is really dull and the UK, nay the world, is a very big and exciting place”.

But you know what another voice, one who wants to never repeat the rainy, cold, miles from anywhere yurt experience has yelled louder. It says “plenty of time to be adventurous. Go somewhere lovely with an attached play area, a shared indoor swimming pool and a short drive to a brilliant beach with trampolining and crazy golf. And the ability to drink wine with the light on.”

So we are listening to voice number two, joined by three other voices who are saying “please an easy holiday with no camping”, “yay let’s go there again” and “look at this I’ve drawn a picture of Golidlocks Mummy”(the last one’s not really relevant but it’s what she was engrossed with at the time of asking”.

I’m looking forward to it already. It’s in August. Darn it.

However very excitingly we have agreed to also go to Amsterdam for a week with the family (once I sort out the girls passports) and I’m going on a sunny hen weekend to Majorca in April. Yes you read that right, I am leaving the girls for three nights. More emotional trauma about that to follow no doubt.

So I don’t think there is anything wrong in doing the same again, as long as we mix up the other bits a little. I mean my family went to Sutton-on-Sea every year for quite a long time and I have nothing but happy memories about that. Especially the paddling pool and footsteps in the book shop.

There’s time for safari and Ayres Rock when the girls are older. We just have to make sure we don’t stick entirely to our comfort zone otherwise the girls might just get a bit bored by the Whitby Wizard when they are 15. Not need to worry about that yet though.


  1. I'm sure we only did a couple of weekends in Sutton on sea. We had holidays in Dorset, Cornwall,Scotland, Wales, Lake District, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex. Derbyshire. Oh and Whitby.


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