Time and Space

I have time. Quite a lot what with not doing very much now I’ve cancelled almost everything I do (apart from mothering between 3pm and 8.30am).

I also have space. The house is clean and tidy (well ish) and I’ve even cleared out my inbox. And since I’ve stopped doing the things that generate me the most emails, let’s just say I’ll be able to see the google mail background picture quite clearly for some time to come.

So here I am. Time to get started. But on what?

It is quite predictable that despite discussion on the matter I appear not to be using the time and space to do exercise. But it was probably to be expected.

I am going to schedule time each day to look and apply for jobs. You never know your luck. Perhaps I’ll find the dream job I will enjoy that allows me to still pick up and drop off the girls and look after them in the holidays. Or maybe that thing flying about over there is a pig.

More interestingly I have the beginnings of an idea for a story or two. Just the beginnings. And I have a lot of fear that it’ll be rubbish but you have to start somewhere.

It does feel like I’m standing on a bit of a precipice. If I stop to think too much about it all I feel like crying. But I should feel excited. This is the beginning of the next bit, not the end of anything.

So here goes. I am lucky to have the time and space. Now I need to use it.

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