My Fair Lady

I’m not sure that this review will be much use to anyone who was on the fence about getting tickets for My Fair Lady at the Crucible in Sheffield. The shows have been sold out for quite a while. I was extremely jammy and got our last two tickets by luck alone I think. All I can say is when it inevitably goes to the West End you should see it if you haven’t already.

This musical is without doubt the best piece of theatre I have seen, possibly ever. Wow that’s an accolade. Especially since I’ve seen Kenneth Brannagh twice. But honestly it was amazing. Cleverly staged, beautiful choreographed, and really funny.

I must admit I have a soft spot for Dominic West (despite the slightly dubious accent in the Wire). He was great, it must be said. But Carly Bawden was beyond amazing. At the end of “I Could Have Danced All Night” I wasn’t entirely sure when the audience was going to stop clapping. Me included. It was equally touch and go when “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” finished. I spent most of the show beaming from ear to ear.

The buzz at the end was more than I have ever experienced. And that was just me as an audience member. Goodness know how the cast must have felt with yet another standing ovation – they have received them night after night.

It has to be said I am extremely passionate about this musical. I went through a bit of an obsession with musicals in the 1980s, in fact anything with music and dancing suited me (including a large number of slightly dull Fred Astaire movies). Maybe it was because they were on on Sunday afternoons and I was looking for something to fill my time, but they captured my imagination. I can sing every song of My Fair Lady (although I hadn’t truly realised that until last night). I also remembered half way through last nights show that I was in a version of it at junior school. Best forgotten I think although my Dad did make me an impressive hat.

Han and I had yet another amazing Wednesday night. I’m not entirely sure how we are supposed to follow last week (Life of PI) and  now this. Oh yes we are going to try Rock Choir. I suspect the cast of My Fair Lady can rest assured we won’t be nipping at their heels.

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