Call centre hilarity

I rang Samsung about my leaking freezer. I spent a few moments explaining the situation – that it freezes in the bottom creating a sheet of ice, and then leaks water out of the bottom of the door.

The American customer service representative suggested I clear the vent out at the front of the washing machine.

I explained that I wasn’t sure this would help. What with it being the freezer that was the issue.

She apologised and said in all seriousness “I did wonder how the washing machine would be freezing up”.

I’ll let her off. I guess you can work in customer services without knowing much about appliances. Maybe it’s like when I worked in an ironmongers and knew very little about bolts. Or when I worked as a customer service manager in Sainsburys but didn’t understand hobnobs.

I hope the engineer knows a little more about it though. I don’t really want my ice-cream tasting of Persil.

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