Life of Pi

I have noticed over the years that at the end of films in the cinema people tend to quietly exit , not really talking much about the film until they get into the bar or the car park. Or maybe they ask “what did you think?” before giving sensibly their own opinion in a calm way. Maybe that’s because there are so many people all herded together and no-one wants to be overheard and potentially disagreed with by them all. Maybe it’s British reserve.

At the end of Life of Pi as the credits began to roll, the man next to us exclaimed “fantastic!” It shot out of his mouth like it was an involuntary reaction. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that happen before. But I totally agree with him. And my reactions throughout the film were less than calm, like the several bits where I jumped out of my seat and threw my water bottle underneath the seat in front. Or when I laughed out loud.

I’ll be clear, I haven’t read the book. Sorry. I imagine I should have. Normally when I see a film that’s a book I come out thinking now I should read the book. But this time I don’t want to read it. It might spoil it. That’s a bit backwards isn’t it?

So I had seen the trailer and knew the basics – that it was about a boy shipwrecked on a boat with a tiger.

The film is breathtaking, terrifying, life affirming and downright magical. The lead actor, Suraj Sharma, is staggering. Quite why he isn’t nominated for an Oscar I don’t know. Apart from the fact that he is only 19 and this is his first and ONLY film role. What a way to start a career.

My best friend and I both agreed it was the most engrossed we’d been in a film for years. And unusually for us it was the first time we’d seen an Oscar nominated film before it came out on DVD which makes us unbelievably cool.

10/10 Favourite film so far. But I haven’t rated one badly yet and it’s only 10th January.


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