Progress so far…

Well it’s the end of day two of my new life. One where I don’t have very much to do and hardly talk to anybody.

So far I have achieved the following:

1. My tax return. Dull but necessary. Declared the £2 interest on the bank account. I am that honest.
Action point: Ignore until January next year then flap about finding relevant documentation and frantically contacting bank.

2. Some electronic filing. This is a slippery slope. I may end up emptying cupboards at this rate.
Action Point: Try to ignore this as it’s a rubbish use of my time. Actual physical filing would at least allow me to see the desk.

3. Started Weightwatchers. On day two I narrowly avoided eating a tin of soup that contains a third of the points I am allowed daily. I have also discovered that one Roses chocolate is one point. That’s tomorrow’s twenty nine point menu planned then.
Action point: Favour chocolate over soup.

4. Read the newspaper. First time in seven years. It was depressing.
Action point: Consider getting all news updates from Twitter. Just kidding. I’ll use Facebook. (I am joking I promise)

5. Been to the gym and been instructed to let go of my buttocks in a yoga class. After one gym session and one yoga class I ache absolutely everywhere. Even my buttocks despite letting them go.
Action point: Go swimming tomorrow as it won’t hurt so much. I refuse to go to “Aqua Zumba” though. How the hell would that work?

6. Started to possibly maybe perhaps consider applying for a part time job that I am unlikely to get. I began the form and instantly realised that I cannot recall or find any information about my qualifications and the important dates of my life that came before children. Bugger.
Action point: Find CVor create new one by talking to friends who probably remember me better than I do. CVs should cover pub quiz scores and dates of gigs right?

7. Not allowed my self time to think properly about writing. Because I’m afraid of failure and am the queen of procrastination.
Action point: Stop pissing about and think about fairies.

8. Struggled with not talking very much throughout the day. The poor yoga teacher got my jabbering full force. I suspect she’d glad she’s going on maternity leave now.
Action point: Arrange days to include a chat with friends. Or ring Paul and pester him at work.

9. Discovered that our new fridge freezer is leaking and “I’m sorry but Samsung is now closed”. Arses. Also have rung builder about leaking roof. Bah.
Action point: Ring sodding Samsung and take deep breaths. Pray for dry spell.

I’m sure you all feel better for reading that. I’ll write something a little more meaningful tomorrow I assure you. Once I’ve entered a story competition where the central theme has to be hot chocolate. Not sure about this new life yet.

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