One of those weekends

It was one of those weekends.

On Saturday we were due to see Paddington at Rotherham Civic Theatre. I has already lost the tickets for this event once in the extension detritus, but had grovelled and been sent replacements (listen up Sheffield Theatres). Then we went to B&Q to buy paint and to fight over lampshades with the kids. At some point during DIY hell the replacement tickets must have fallen out of my pocket. I thought for several awful minutes that I’d lost them forever. I think Phoebe would have lynched me. Paul retraced our steps around the shop and found them.
The show was…well…it was an amateur musical which included a man in a bear costume (which looked a lot like the one my cousin wore to our wedding). Musicals aren’t exactly Paul’s cup of tea at the best of times but Phoebe’s face was such a picture it was all fine. Frankly it’s a good job B&Q don’t sweep up too often.
On Sunday Paul went to work again and I took the girls to the Family in Art exhibition at the Millenium Galleries which we all loved. I must go back when I don’t have to go round at break neck speed (three year olds aren’t brilliant at reading the signs and number mad Tilly just kept reading the dates the pictures were painting and working out how old the artist was when they died). There were a couple of naked pictures that took a bit of explaining/distraction but generally brilliant.
Then we went over and had lunch at my friend’s house. Lovely.
Until we left.
I opened the boot to put in the borrowed Lean Mean Grilling Machine and Slow Cooker (that were meant to stop me going insane during the following cooker free week) and the newly purchased pot of pink paint fell out and hit the floor of a listed building private car park. Nicky and I set about scraping the paint up with a child’s bucket, spade and shoe covers accidentally brought home from the swimming pool. Numerous hasty trips back and forth with a bucket (adult sized this time thankfully) and watering can and a lot of sweeping effort on Craig’s part followed. Phoebe kept saying “There’s fairy dust all over the floor” and “what about my bedroom”. I was just grateful it was emulsion frankly.
Before we left Tilly tripped over a stick (approximately three inches long). All in all it was like some kind of slapstick comedy.
Anyway the weekend is over as is half term and things have settled back to normality. A microwaved rice, using friend’s washing machine, dust on the sofa sort of normality anyway. Roll on next week.


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